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EXOPERM MONO DURO 200 – Fire Rated Monolithic Breather Membrane

EXOPERM™ MONO DURO 200 is an energy-efficient, diffusion permeable polyurethane membrane composed of a PES non-woven and innovative fabric. It provides long-lasting UV protection and meets a high standard of fire-performance, with a reaction to fire classification of B‐s1,d0.

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  • Reaction to fire classification B‐s1,d0 to BS EN 13501-1
  • Fire rated and suitable for high rise constructions as per current Building Regulations.
  • Monolithic technology
  • Highly vapour open with an sd value of 0.12m
  • Class W1 resistance to water penetration
  • UV resistance over 10 years in open joint facades (up to 50mm)
  • Airtight with an air permeability value of 0,01 m³/m², h, Pa
  • Weather tight
  • UKCA & CE compliant to EN 13859‐1 (roofs) and EN 13859‐2 (walls).


EXOPERM™ MONO DURO 200 Project: View Hospital Extension


EXOPERM MONO DURO 200 is an external breather membrane designed for use on the cold side of insulation on façade wall and roof applications.

Suitable for:

  • Rear ventilated facades, with open or closed joints
  • Timber and steel framed constructions
  • Warm, cold and hybrid roof applications
  • Pitched or flat roofs
  • Sarking boards

Monolithic Technology

EXOPERM MONO DURO is a 2-Ply sarking, roof underlay and wind barrier with next generation monolithic functional layer.

The monolithic functional layer provides enhanced protection for the building envelope:

  • transports vapour to outside
  • is vapour open whilst having excellent waterproofing properties
  • creates a complete wind tight, waterproof membrane that actively expels out any water/humidity unlike most micro-porous membranes that rely on small pores (which have the tendency to block)

Technical Data

WEIGHT EN 13859-2 215 g/m² 


SD-VALUE M EN-13859-2 0.12 M
UV RESISTANCE >10 years*
REACTION TO FIRE EN-13501-1 B-s1,d0
TENSILE STRENGTH MD/CD EN 12311-2 340 / 240 N / 5 cm ± 30%
320 / 220 N / 5 cm ± 30%
NAIL TEAR RESISTANCE MD / CD EN 13859-2 210 N / 300 N

*does not apply in the case of open air weathering, but only when clad with a distance of approx. 5 cm and a maximum joint area of 40%

1.5m X 50m=75m2 (59-1/16” X 164’-1/2” = 807 SF)