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Partel ECHOSEAL™ FOIL is a reflective tape used to create permanent airtightness seals for ECHOFOIL™ & EXOPERM™ MONO DURO membrane overlaps, window and door connections. It is also suitable for corner connections. ECHOSEAL™ FOIL can be used internally or externally due to its unique properties.

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  • High-Performance air and windtight tape
  • Strong, pure aluminium, reflective adhesive tape
  • Optimum level of acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance
  • Water-repelling carrier
  • Adheres to timber, masonry, concrete, PVC, metal, Partel membranes
  • Design life = lifetime
  • Lowest VOC rating in hazardous substance test


Internal and External Use

ECHOSEAL FOIL adheres to all Partel interior and exterior membranes, concrete, plaster, wood, steel, other vapour control layers including PE, PA, PP and aluminium, wood base panels OSB, MDF, plywood.

Application process

Ensure surface is clean from dust, grease, and loose material. The substrate must be dry and free from frost. Prime surface with Partel ACRAPRIME and allow sufficient time for the primer to dry depending on conditions. This will eliminate dust particles and result in a better bond. Cut the required length for connection, peel the release liner from the tape and with sufficient downward pressure press tape onto the substrate to activate the acrylic adhesive, use Partel HELPING HAND to apply pressure evenly.

Connections joints should be free from tensile strain. Acrylic-based adhesive tape is pressure activated, sufficient pressure is required to ensure a long-lasting bond. A smoother physical substrate will result in optimum adhesion between tape and surface. It is the responsibility of the applicator to check the substrate for the suitability, adhesion tests are recommended in non-standard situations.

50mm x 50m