Centralised, Low Energy Consumption, Super Silent, Comfortable Ventilation Systems

Vasco Group has been a trusted name in the market for its Silent Ventilation solution.

When building or renovating the house or property, you need to make sure you will install the best possible energy-efficient, user-friendly, and optimal ventilation system to achieve the healthiest, most comfortable, low-energy home.

Conventional ventilation processes, such as opening the window or using a typical bath fan, fail to adequately ventilate the space. A good designed and installed ventilation system is the solution for moisture management and will help ensure a safe indoor air quality level for the occupants.

A well-insulated home does not have any ‘leaking’ air, thermal bridges, or damp problems. To accomplish this, a ventilation system that maintains the air quality constantly in balance is required. When mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are used, they automatically expel polluted air from the inside and replace it with fresh outdoor air.

Vasco Ventilation systems supplied by Partel keeps a safe and hygienic indoor environment all year round. They have an electrostatic and antibacterial filter which significantly reduces the amount of dust and other airborne pollutants within the living spaces.

A high-quality, versatile and innovative product range offering a suitable solution to technological and installation challenges. These devices provide air suction in wet rooms, such as bathrooms, toilets, washrooms, storage rooms and kitchens. At the same time, fresh air is directed into the dry rooms, i.e. the living and bedrooms.

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