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Airtight and Windtight Membranes


Airtightness is the resistance of the building envelope to inward or outward air leakage. Air leakage is driven by differential pressures across the building envelope. Excessive air leakage results in increased energy consumption and can create a draughty, unhealthy, cold/hot uncomfortable building. The mechanisms that create these differences in pressure are combined effects of rising internal warm air, external wind and mechanical ventilation systems.

The correct level of airtightness does not have to be difficult to achieve but it is important to choose the right solution that can ensure the building fabric performance.

We have a long history in airtight and windtight membranes and consider our in-depth building physics knowledge to be incredibly relevant when producing critical building protection components. Our WRB leader – EXOPERM MONO 150 – is different; Its stronger with market-leading tensile and tear strengths. Its also incredibly vapor open with a permeance of 42.9.

We have developed a smart vapour control membrane (VARA PLUS) with the optimum perm range, one of the most technically in the field. Advanced HYGROVARIABLE technology allows incredible summer drying conditions but can equally protect the construction in winter.

We also offer an ideally placed fixed perm membrane which is also reinforced, IZOPERM PLUS – phA certified component.