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VARA FLUID Brush – Fluid Applied Membrane

Paint-on Airtight, Smart Vapour Control Layer

Partel VARA FLUID Brush is a breathable liquid membrane engineered to provide superior airtightness for long-term performance of the building envelope.

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Vara Fluid Brush is a water-based air & vapour control layer (AVCL) that can be brushed, providing a continuous airtightness over cracks and gaps in both new build and retrofit projects.


  • Permeable to water vapour. Provides superior protection, allowing vapour to escape and dry the structure.
  • Excellent adhesion on various surfaces – masonry, concrete, silicate stone, OSB, plywood etc.
  • Single component – Ready-to-use, fast application
  • Flexible, ensures adequate coverage (cracks and joints up to 2 mm) due to fluid applied installation
  • Durable airtight connections; Once the layer is dry, it results in a durable, elastic membrane that maintains the integrity of connections over the long term, in any type of building
  • Brush applied, no need for primer
  • LOW VOC polymer-based liquid
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • Turns dark beige when dried


VARA FLUID BRISH can be applied both vertically and horizontally, it’s easy to apply with a paintbrush and dries to an airtight flexible coating.

  • Internal and external use
  • Wall to floor
  • Wall to ceiling
  • Window & door jambs
  • Pipe and ducting penetrations
  • General construction joints

VARA FLUID Brush can be applied to damp surfaces and is ready to use. VARA FLUID is beige when applied and turns dark beige when dried. The liquid membrane can be applied directly to the substrate after the building surface has been properly prepared. The cracks should be filled first. We recommend VARA FLUID be applied in two layers. For further information, please consult the Technical Data Sheet.

Product Content: 5.5 kg