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By:  Michelle Mullan/Latest News

Partel’s Evolving Range of Fire Performance Construction Membranes

We are excited to announce the launch of two new fire-rated breather membranes, EXOPERM DURO A1 and EXOPERM MONO DURO A2, that go beyond current fire safety regulations. Suitable for offsite and onsite construction, residential or commercial projects, both products are fully independently certified and tested in accordance with EN13501-1.

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By:  Iulia Potor/Latest News

Partel is Expanding the UK Team | Airtightness and Technical Ventilation Specialists

Partel is a company with Irish roots and a leading position in the producing and supplying of high-performance materials for the low energy building sector, using a fabric-first approach. We provide unique technical construction components in Ireland, the UK, and the USA, with a commitment to accelerate energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

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