Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

Both in new and retrofit energy-efficient projects, mechanical ventilation is the ultimate solution for safe and healthy indoor air quality. A mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery will provide maximum comfort by supplying fresh, clean air to all living spaces while keeping the windows closed. These systems are automatic, silent and allow you to conserve energy with a heat exchanger by filtering the incoming air, resulting in significant energy savings.
Each mechanical ventilation system has its own set of advantages and can be used in various applications; they come in one of two broad categories, Decentralised and Centralised.

LUNOS Decentralised Systems

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems, each device is equipped with a heat exchanger and fans, which are usually placed directly in the facade of the building. They eliminate the need for ductwork; instead, small systems equipped with heat recovery are located in individual rooms in a home, offering exceptional thermal comfort and unsurpassed air quality. LUNOS decentralised ventilation system is especially suitable for retrofits, new build, or in places with localised humidity problems.
LUNOS Products From Partel

VASCO Centralised Ventilation Systems

VASCO Centralised Ventilation Systems supplied by Partel are particularly effective for residential and commercial spaces. They have a single central unit with supply and extract fans and a heat recovery unit built-in. They provide the best possible control over the air quality in every living and working space while remaining completely silent and ensuring maximum energy savings.
VASCO Products from Partel

Benefit of Service

  • Compliant with Part F Building Regulations
  • Highest performance and quality standards filters
  • Cost-effective ventilation solution
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Quiet Operation
  • Healthy and hygienic indoor air quality
  • Prevents condensation and mould
  • Reduces Indoor Air Pollution and Humidity

Our technical experts will help you select the best solution for your project based on the scale, type of building, and specifications