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Partel is an Irish company with a global presence, and a leading position in the producing and supplying of high-performance systems and products for the low-energy building sector.

We combine our knowledge in Architecture and Engineering with technical expertise and a unique building physics approach to build up customised solutions for your specific project.
We make the built environment more energy-efficient, durable and healthy, providing you sustainable solutions for air and wind tightness, thermal bridging, sealing, and ventilation.

Integrated Solutions

Technical excellence is at the core of our product development.

We understand that you need reliable and integrated materials to achieve nearly zero-energy buildings and enhance occupant comfort. Partel brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to your building that radically improves the structure’s energy efficiency and durability.

Air & Windtight Membranes ›

Breather barriers and membranes engineered to provide thermal and humidity protection of the building structure.

Sealing Tapes ›

Partel acrylic adhesive tapes are designed for a lifetime, ensuring you secure and permanent sealing of vapor barriers and membranes.

Adhesives & Sealants ›

Advanced technical adhesives using acrylic and hybrid technology for strong adhesion, excellent ageing and weather resistance.

Thermal Bridging ›

Innovative and sustainable PET-based solutions that meet the highest technical and ecological standards for reducing thermal bridges.

Ventilation Systems ›

LUNOS ventilation systems generate needs-compliant, clean and hygienic indoor air quality, ensuring dry, mold-free walls.

Building Physics ›

With over 20 years of technical expertise, our in-depth building physics knowledge is incredibly relevant when producing critical building protection components.

Looking for the smartest solutions to improve energy efficiency in all building types?
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Partel is a company with Irish roots and a leading position in the producing and supplying of high-performance materials for the low energy building sector, using a fabric-first approach. We provide unique technical construction components in Ireland, the UK, and the USA, with a commitment to accelerate energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

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