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Building Sustainable And Affordable Timber Frame Homes in Wales

Project Overview

In the Cae’r Gors site in Tregarth, near Bangor, Wales, MacLennan Construction Limited is leading the construction of twelve social rent and intermediate rent houses for Adra. Designed by WM Design & Architecture Ltd, the houses are set to be completed in September 2024. This project serves as a great example of affordable housing, featuring timber frame kits from Wales Timber Solutions for stunning two- and three-bedroom homes. It aims to meet the critical demand for affordable housing in the area.

The Challenge

Faced with the dual objectives of environmental sustainability and affordability, the project sought to achieve exceptional air tightness levels, surpassing energy and carbon requirements set out in the current Building Regulations. Achieving air tightness significantly below the SAP threshold of 5 was crucial for enhancing the buildings’ energy efficiency.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, MacLennan Construction chose to employ Wales Timber Solution kits that utilize Partel’s ECHOFOIL IZO and ECHOFOIL EXO membranes, acclaimed for their superior thermal performance and durability. These materials are designed to fit a range of off-site timber frame constructions. With an R-Value of 0.78m2K/W and an exceptionally low emissivity value, our reflective foil membranes lead the industry in thermal efficiency.

MacLennan Construction has expressed high satisfaction with these products, stating:

 “We have used many different specs, and these seem to be tougher and more durable both pre-erection and now they are in place.”

This endorsement highlights the effectiveness of ECHOFOIL IZO and ECHOFOIL EXO in meeting the project’s stringent requirements for energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall construction quality.


MacLennan Construction housing project exemplifies how sustainable construction practices can be harmoniously integrated with the development of affordable housing. The project’s success in employing high-performance materials like ECHOFOIL IZO and ECHOFOIL EXO sets a high benchmark for constructing energy-efficient and affordable homes. This initiative not only caters to the immediate need for affordable housing in Wales but also demonstrates the potential for modern construction techniques and innovative materials to create environmentally friendly family homes. As the development progresses, it serves as a great example for future projects aiming to balance affordability with environmental and energy efficiency goals.

Architect: WM Design & Architecture
Build: MacLennan Construction
Timber frame kits: Wales Timber Solutions
Project type: Timber frame houses
Completion: 2024



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