Why Partel

Over 20 years of Technical Expertise

At Partel we offer expert consultancy services tailored to individual requirements. We offer a unique buildings physics approach to new builds and refurbishments ensuring you receive the maximum specialist advice.

Our state of the art technology examines existing buildings to simulate and visualise recommendations specific to the customer’s requirements. In addition, it maps the locations and performance of our products to ensure the best solutions and value for the customer.

Our products and services cater to each individual client requirements. We anticipate our clients’ needs and are flexible in designing and manufacturing the most suitable cost-effective products for each build. Our products are designed for each geographical market allowing for cost, technical and climate considerations.

Innovation in products that ensure the efficiency of your project’s performance

The team at Partel are passionate about innovation and are at the forefront when it comes to introducing unique products to the low energy market. We have a significant selection across our product range of tapes, membranes and adhesives for both internal and external use.

We are stringent in who we partner with and the suppliers we use. They must meet Partels rigorous quality standards. This ensures that the products we offer to our customers are of an extremely high standard and are the best that they can possibly be.

We have a passion for manufacturing products that make a difference. As a result of our strict manufacturing standards, we can offer high-performance solutions for smart building.

Modular product range

We also offer a modular product range which has the benefit of flexibility and variety of use. Various systems can be separated and individual components can be redistributed and recombined presenting a more specific design for each project.

Reliable Certifications

The Partel systems hold numerous quality certifications. All products developed for airtight and windtight use are in the possession of the CE marking according to EN or ETA. Many other building components, as membranes and tapes have obtained quality certifications by prestigious international institutions – Passive House Institute, WTCB, GEV Institute – Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Adhesives.

Sustainable Projects that recommend us

In addition to low energy buildings, we have large a number of NZEB, Passivhaus and Enerphit projects on our books which we believe is a reflection of the quality of our products and services. See our sustainable projects from Ireland, the UK, and the US: https://www.www.partel.ie/sustainable-projects