Project Description

This new student housing scheme, which will include 680 en-suite bedrooms and a total area of 20,400m2, will be built in the university’s northern residential quarter. Additionally, the development includes a café, Student Support spaces, a gymnasium, common rooms, study areas, and a laundry facility, as well as a Client Management Suite.

The development of this project will be NZEB compliant.

Key Information

Partel is a specialist in delivering innovative Lunos ventilation solutions and will design, install, and commission 680 highly efficient ventilation systems, including Lunos ALD for 680 en-suite bedrooms and Lunos Silvento ec for utility rooms and bathrooms. These systems will provide powerful, quiet, and efficient ventilation.  The Lunos solution that will be implemented by Partel complies with NZEB standards.

Ventilation rate is a critical component in determining the indoor air quality in student housing. Reasonable airflow and high-quality fresh air contribute to the reduction of indoor air pollutants. Inadequate ventilation rates can have a detrimental effect on the health and learning efficiency of university students.

The systems will provide students with good indoor air quality and comfort while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance, and durable.

Other Details

Project Name: NUI Galway Student Accommodation Phase 2

Project Type: Student Accommodation, Education

Project Value: €32m