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Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit | Essential Healthcare Project, Ireland
16 September 2021

Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit | Essential...

Essential healthcare constructions in Ireland continued this year with a new project in which Partel was involved by ensuring the windtightness and fire-safety measures for the new-built Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit.
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10 years of technical solutions for a smarter way to build energy-efficient
14 September 2021

10 years of technical solutions for a sm...

Today, after ten years of continuous innovation, Partel is capable of supporting product research and applications development that includes all types of air and windtight systems, technical adhesives tapes and sealants, thermal bridging, a...
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Partel Introduces New Packaging for VARA FLUID: Another Step in Our Sustainability Journey
09 September 2021

Partel Introduces New Packaging for VARA...

Partel is excited to announce from September 2021 a new premium packaging and label design for its VARA FLUID airtight system, commencing in Ireland and extending to selected markets where the company operates – USA, UK, and mainland Euro...
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LUNOS Ventilation provides exceptional indoor air quality to residents of Philips Lane in Old Town Swindon
05 August 2021

LUNOS Ventilation provides exceptional i...

Partel Supplied LUNOS Ventilation Systems were chosen for enhancing energy performance and indoor air quality of a new mixed use development scheme, located at a prime position in Old Town Swindon, UK.
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Partel launches ‘Breathe healthy with efficient LUNOS Ventilation Technology’ campaign
13 July 2021

Partel launches ‘Breathe healthy with ...

Partel launches the “Breathe healthy with efficient LUNOS Ventilation” campaign that aims to emphasize the critical importance of ventilation and ensure the quick and effective roll-out of a safer indoor environment.
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Partel Presents Ventilation Strategy For Schools- Mitigating Virus Spread And Supporting  Long-term Health & Comfort
12 July 2021

Partel Presents Ventilation Strategy For...

This article explains how ventilation reduces risks of disease transmission, summarizes guidelines to support schools to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission by using effective ventilation.
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Passive Retrofit of Historic Brooklyn House
23 June 2021

Passive Retrofit of Historic Brooklyn Ho...

Our client in Brooklyn decided to renovate their old home into a passive house, they requested for it be retrofitted according to the "classic five" Passive House design principles: Partel's Smart VARA Airtight System playe...
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New packaging of Partel’s Acraprime Liquid primer, tailored for ease of application
16 June 2021

New packaging of Partel’s Acraprime Li...

The new ACRAPRIME LIQUID packaging is re-closable, with a hermetically sealed cap that ensures longer product life, and prevents accidental spillage during transport.
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