Niche Living Dun Laoghaire: Advanced Ventilation Solutions for Modern Living

Project Overview

Niche Living Dun Laoghaire embarked on a project to provide optimal ventilation solutions for private ensuite studios within their accommodation complex. The objective was to ensure excellent indoor air quality and comfort for residents. Key to this endeavor was the implementation of Lunos Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (CMEV) technology, featuring a carefully selected array of units to address unique spatial challenges.

Ventilation System Components

The project hinged on the integration of specific components and products:

1. Lunos Silvento V-EC FK Extract Fans

Purpose: Silvento V-EC FK extract fans were strategically chosen to facilitate efficient ventilation in the living/sleeping rooms of the accommodation complex. These units served as the primary extraction source, ensuring the continuous flow of fresh air.

Energy Efficiency: The EC (Electronically Commutated) motors in the Silvento FK extract fans were a pivotal choice for energy efficiency. These motors significantly reduced energy consumption, contributing to sustainability goals and lower operating costs.

Advanced Control: The control boards integrated into the Silvento FK units featured advanced capabilities for automatic extraction rate adjustment based on real-time air quality data. This responsive system ensured consistent indoor air quality even during environmental fluctuations.

2. Twin Room Converter Kit

Purpose: The Twin Room Converter Kit was employed to optimize the extraction process. This kit allowed for the extraction of air from a hallway-separated W/C, located across the entrance hallway, in addition to the extraction above a shower unit.

3. Lunos ALD Passive Intake Unit

Purpose: The ALD unit was employed to ensure a constant supply of fresh, filtered outdoor air, supplementing the extraction process. It played a crucial role in maintaining balanced ventilation.

Sound and Wind Protection: The ALD units were selected for their sound and wind protection features. These features ensured a comfortable passive intake of fresh, filtered air while minimizing noise and drafts, enhancing resident comfort and satisfaction.

The challenge

The primary challenge of the project was to design and implement a ventilation system that effectively ventilated both the living/sleeping rooms and the technically separate “Wet rooms” (W/C and shower). Compliance with designed flow rates was paramount to ensure optimal indoor air quality and regulatory adherence.

Spatial Ventilation Complexity: Overcoming the spatial complexity required a dual extraction point system, enabling simultaneous extraction from a shower unit and a W/C across the entrance hallway. The use of the Twin Room Converter Kit facilitated cost-effective compliance with flow rate regulations for the technically separate “Wet rooms.”

Compliance with Flow Rate Regulations: Ensuring compliance with extract rates at both extract vent locations demanded meticulous control. Maximum extract flow rates were precisely adjusted via control dip switches, a central element in the project’s success.

Maintenance and Operational Ease: The ease of maintenance and operational efficiency was a critical consideration. All units, including the Silvento FK extract fans, featured easily accessible washable filters on the room side, simplifying maintenance and ensuring a continuous healthy airflow with minimal operational disruptions.

The Solution

Spatial Ventilation Complexity: A unique system was devised to accommodate a Silvento extract above a shower unit while simultaneously extracting from the W/C across the entrance hallway. This configuration leveraged the ability to duct from a single extract point to the Silvento UP housing unit, effectively achieving two extraction points for the same fan unit. This cost-effective solution ensured compliant flow rates from the technically separate “Wet rooms.”

Compliance with Flow Rate Regulations: Maximum extract flow rates were meticulously adjusted via control dip switches, ensuring strict compliance with extract rates at both extract vent locations.

Maintenance and Operational Ease: All units, including the Silvento FK extract fans, were purposefully designed with easily accessible washable filters on the room side. This design streamlined maintenance procedures, guaranteeing an uninterrupted, healthy airflow with minimal operational disruptions.

Automatic Boosting: The FK control board’s advanced features enabled automatic boosting of the Silvento extract fan. This innovation eliminated the need for manual user intervention to boost the extract fan, whether through a manual switch or a light switch. Instead, onboard sensors seamlessly reacted to air quality levels and autonomously increased the extraction rate until the unit’s control system was satisfied that indoor air quality had returned to acceptable levels. This automation significantly enhanced the system’s effectiveness.

Partel Services Provided

Partel’s comprehensive services played a pivotal role in the project’s successful execution:

Initial Design and Layout: Partel provided expert guidance to ensure that the ventilation system complied with Part F regulations. The initial design and layout phase were instrumental in setting the project on the path to success.

Technical Support: Extensive technical support was offered to the on-site contractor tasked with installing the Lunos system. This support encompassed guidance on placement, wiring, and control board configuration.

2nd Fix Commissioning: During the second fix phase, Partel conducted the commissioning of the Silvento and ALD units. This involved ensuring correct installation and flow rates were achieved to comply with Part F regulations.

Maintenance and Service: To maintain a positive and enduring working relationship with Niche Living, Partel offered ongoing maintenance and service support. This commitment ensured the continued functionality and efficiency of the ventilation system.


The Niche Living Dun Laoghaire project is a testament to the successful integration of advanced CMEV technology to address unique ventilation challenges. The technical details of the Silvento FK units, Twin Room Converter Kit, ALD-R 160 units, and the intelligent control mechanism underscore how innovative ventilation solutions can achieve compliance, comfort, and superior indoor air quality in residential environments. Through careful planning, precise control, and ongoing support, Partel’s solutions continue to elevate indoor air quality standards, ensuring healthier and more comfortable environments for occupants.



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