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”Barn House” features Partel supplied Air and windtight systems.
27 April 2018

”Barn House” features Partel supplie...

New Zealand born Galway based Architect Lester Naughton delivered this unusual and beautifully designed ‘barrel roof” passive level dwelling in a coastal location in Galway.
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A-Rated Dooroge Woods development opts for LUNOS & Partel
05 April 2018

A-Rated Dooroge Woods development opts f...

Build tight, ventilate right is often mentioned but not always adhered to. Not so with the exclusive Dooroge woods housing development in Dublin. The main contractors are Greyfields developments who have a history of high quality developmen...
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Refurbishment in Portobello, IRL – LUNOS Ventilation in conservation
18 March 2020

Refurbishment in Portobello, IRL – LUN...

We were delighted to be contacted by Diarmaid Brophy Architects – A forward thinking architectural practice with obvious architectural talent but balanced with a good knowledge of how buildings work.
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St James Hospital – Upgrade study using Epatherm Calcium Silicate Insulation
03 April 2018

St James Hospital – Upgrade study usin...

We have recently supplied Epatherm calcium silicate insulation to a large solid wall project in Dublin (St James Hospital).
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West coast low energy dwelling with Enerphit credentials
17 May 2016

West coast low energy dwelling with Ener...

A new timber frame construction was erected adjacent to the older cottage and within 20m of the sea - this challenging location has meant that superior building protection solutions were chosen to ensure long term building security. The Ai...
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Gresford Architects use Partel products in certified Passive house
20 April 2016

Gresford Architects use Partel products ...

Located on the outskirts of a Berkshire village, the old water tower - now certified passive house - is that the home of Owner and co-founder of Gresford architects -Tom Gresford. The property has been certified as a Passivhaus – a title ...
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16 September 2021


The essential healthcare constructions in Ireland continued this year with a new project in which Partel has been involved by ensuring the windtightness and fire-safety measures for the new-built Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit
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