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Partel is exhibiting at the Online PHN 2022 Conference

Partel is exhibiting at the Passive House 2022 Conference: Passive House for All – Online Exhibition, which will take place on June 10 and on June 17.

The event will take on the full range of specialised technical, process, and policy aspects of Passive House and drives climate action. But it will also challenge industry and stakeholders to think more holistically, looking at the intersections of efficiency, electrification, embodied carbon and social equity.

Critical topics like net-zero energy and scaling retrofits will also be considered, climate protection must continue, and we are convinced that carbon-neutral construction is part of the solution.

Why should you join us and visit the Partel hub at the online PHN Conference? Here are 5 good reasons to attend:

1. Find high-performance building components for your low-carbon project

Do you have a new low-energy, passive house project, or are you considering renovating? Passive House components provide maximum comfort and performance with minimum energy costs in both new builds and retrofits. Whether you are interested in technically advanced air and windtight membranes and tapes, or structural insulation materials for preventing thermal bridges – here you will find our latest innovations for a safe and durable building envelope.

Discover our latest solutions – EXOPERM MONO SA 250 self-adhesive monolithic membrane, ACRALINE ROLL adhesive for permanent flexible airtight connections, and other sustainable materials for accelerating energy efficiency in both residential and commercial buildings.

2. One to one Technical Expert Advice

Come along to the Partel hub at the Online PHN Exhibition and Hugh Whiriskey of Partel will be there for individual project support, questions and queries, providing technical knowledge on all our products from specification advice, WUFI assistance, U-Value measurements, CPDs, and technical documentation. We’ll be available on Friday, June 10, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm ET, and Friday June 17, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm ET via the interactive chat function, for interactive talks!

Hugh Whiriskey, Director and Founder

Hugh Whiriskey is the founder and technical director of Partel. He has over 23 years of professional experience in the construction industry, engineering, building physics, and R&D. Knowledge in high-performance buildings, passive design, technical practicalities and product training makes the difference in identifying effective solutions to any type of project. Hugh is an accredited Certified Passive House Designer. Passionate about innovative sustainable materials and energy efficiency, Hugh strongly believes that we all can accelerate our contribution to a low-carbon future and better-built environment, with a keen focus on the holistic approach to building envelope systems.

3. Partel online booth – Open for 2 weeks

The remote format gives you fully 2 weeks to get to know better our smart building envelope systems for intelligent energy consumption and building longevity.

You can therefore easily and conveniently visit our hub and access the online product materials, illustrative Passive House projects, and videos about our building materials from your computer worldwide. Direct contact with our Technical Director, Hugh Whiriskey, via the email and meeting functions, is of course included. Visit us at any time and any day on June 10 and June 17.

4. Online networking? Take advantage of an interactive opportunity!

Expert panel discussions will allow you to explore many aspects of efficiency, electrification, embodied carbon and social equity, share your experience with other professionals, and learn more about the best practices in developing Passive Houses.

Take advantage and meet like-minded people, expand your professional network, learn from personal experiences, challenges, and individual solutions regarding the Passive House – all from the comfort of your own home. Online networking is more effective and entertaining than expected. Try it out!

5. Get the latest information on energy-efficient construction and retrofits

With a generous lecture series featuring exciting projects and numerous workshops, it is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about high-performance building and learn the tools for proper planning.

Let’s make informed decisions about the Passive House building. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Partel hub and networking via the meeting function.

The conference will take place on June 10 online and on June 17 in-person in Boston, and online.

The ONLINE PHN Exhibition will be opened to visitors from all over the world and will be accessible at

>> Read more about the 2022 PHN Conference:, and visit the Partel manufacturer expo at



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