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NAILSeal Tape

Nail Sealing Tape

Partel NAILSeal is a single-side butyl based self-adhesive tape designed for hermetically sealing between battens and exterior membranes, it is particularly suitable for use in combination with Partel EXOPERM membranes. This high-performance tape prevents water ingress, at nails or screws, during construction and afterwards.

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Why Partel NAILSeal?

  • Prevents damage to external membranes from screw or nail holes
  • Airtight connections
  • Water-repelling carrier – does not absorb water
  • Lifetime design – advanced acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance and durability
  • Solvent-free adhesive, with very low emissions
  • Lowest VOC rating in hazardous substance test
  • Outdoor exposure up to 6 months


Partel NAILSeal is used to create a permanent watertight seal between external membranes and battens – it is particularly suitable for use in combination with Partel external membranes such as EXOPERM.

Suitable for:

  • Internal & external applications
  • Complex shapes and roof protection before laying roofing
  • Use with all Partel interior and exterior membranes
  • Other construction membranes including PE, PA, PP and aluminium
  • Bonding to timber, masonry, concrete, PVC and metal

66mm x 20m / 2-1/2” x 65’-5/8

8 Units / box