Heat Resistant Airtight Grommet For Pipes

The KABSEAL HEAT is a heat-resistant sealing grommet for pipes, specially designed for internal and external use. This high-performance grommet is perfect for sealing openings such as exhaust pipes that demand temperature-resistant materials. With its ability to withstand temperatures up to 250°C, KABSEAL HEAT is the optimal solution for various applications where durability and heat resistance are required. 

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  • Manufactured from a permanently flexible rubber that can endure temperatures up to 250°C 
  • Extremely flexible conical grommet that compensates for structural movement 
  • Superior adhesion and damp climate resistance 
  • Precise and long-lasting sealing of heating pipes 
  • Strong acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance 
  • Split release liner for efficient and effortless installation 


This grommet is designed for sealing pipes in the building envelope and boasts excellent outdoor exposure. 

Tested for exhaust systems in accordance with DIN 14241-1 and DIN 13216-1 

Suitable for: 

  • Internal and external use 
  • Partel membranes, including vapor control layers and breathable membranes 
  • Airtight sealing in accordance with Part L & DIN 4108-7 
  • Airtight and thermal-bridge-free electrical installations as per DIN 18015-5 

Technical Data

Adhesive sleeve Adhesive Withstands a damp climate
Temperature resistance –30° C (-22° F) to +100° C (212° F)
UV resistance Very good—up to 6 months
Colour White
Sealing grommet Temperature resistance –50° C (-58° F) to +200° C (392° F)
Short term to +250° C
UV resistance Very good
Colour Red
Processing temperature +5 °C to +40 °C


  1. KABSEAL HEAT 150-165
    Diameter: 150-165 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 350 x 350 mm
  2. KABSEAL HEAT 180-195
    Diameter: 180-195 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 400 x 400 mm
  3. KABSEAL HEAT 200-220
    Diameter: 200-220 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 400 x 400 mm