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Expanding Foam Tape

Partel CONPRESeal™ 3V BG1 is a multi-functional tape, the optimum choice for easy and reliable sealing of windows and doors during any weather. Their „moisture-adapting“ membranes ensure that the joint can dry out all year.

These highly innovative tapes provide an excellent thermal, sound, air and rain barrier. After their installation, the polyurethane soft foam expands in the joint and provides a durable joint sealing.

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Why Partel CONPRESeal 3V BG1?

Passive House Compliant Moisture Variable


  • Highly innovative, multi-functional tape
  • Provide an impressive thermal, sound, air and rain barrier
  • Their “moisture-adapting” membranes ensure excellent performance for long-lasting dry connection joints
  • Can be used in any weather conditions due to the protection layer
  • Very high airtightness in ift component testing under MO 01/1 with < 0.05 m³/mh at 50 Pa
  • Driving rain & airtight
  • Breathable tape
  • Very low emissions, no VOC – EC1 Plus
  • Complies with DIN 18542:2009
  • UV/weather-resistant for passive houses and new construction in accordance with DIN 18542:2009
  • Triple-Layer Joint Sealing System ensures tested joint sealing of windows suitable for all kind of buildings including Passive Houses in order to reduce energy costs and provides long-term performance and reliability of the sealed joint
  • Allows for movements of building components – e.g. linked to temperature changes


  • CONPRESeal 3VBG1 is recommended for reliable sealing of windows and doors for wood construction, prefabricated construction masonry, framework construction, and concrete construction
  • After the installation, the polyurethane soft foam expands in the joint and provides a durable joint sealing and an optimal vapour management

Passive House

Its thermal properties make it suitable for use in passive houses and for airtight installation. Partel CONPRESeal 3V BG1 achieved air-tightness levels well below the requirements of DIN 4108-2, with an an-value of almost 0.

New Building

CONPRESeal 3VBG1 fulfils or exceeds all of the requirements of DIN 4108-2 guidelines for installation of multi-functional tape in classic new construction. Long-lasting weather resistance.

Retrofitted Building

Seals need to ensure air-tightness in accordance with DlN 4108-2 with a value of an < 0.1 in renovation projects.

Thermal Insulation

CONPRESeal 3V BG1 can be used for thermal and noise insulation without restriction.


  • 64mm x 14.1m / Joint width 6-15mm (2-1/2’‘ x 46′ 3/8″ / Joint ¼“-5/8“)