ALMA-T by Partel is an award winning complete thermally broken threshold unit designed for the modern low energy building.

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Why Partel Alma-T?

ALMA-T is compliant with PART A, L, M and is also architecturally designed. Superior materials are used throughout from market-leading structural and thermal insulation to grade 316 SS. ALMA-T assists with fenestration installation and also helps achieve airtightness.

  • High grade stainless steel—rust cannot attach
  • Structurally unique
  • Waterproof & Airtight
  • Building regulations compliant — Part A, L and M
  • Integrated drainage
  • Lightweight

Application areas

One unit for multiple requirements.  Strong enough to support all doors/windows and thermally broken to passive house levels.

ALMA-T can be used underneath doors and windows in timberframe, steel frame, masonry, solid wall, retrofit, and commercial buildings. It can be used with or without an integrated drainage channel.

ALMA-T is designed to support all traditional fenestration weights and can achieve PSI values of 0.029 W/(mk)

Colour Purple
Recommended stress level (Under service load) 0.38 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity 0.038 (W/mK)
Fire Classification to EN 1305 E
Elongation at max force >10%
Average stress at 5.0% /2.0% 0.92
Psi Values from 0.029