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Airtight flush-mounting box

The switch box allows a guaranteed windproof and airtight installation, both for the introduction of pipes as well as for wires through flexible sealing membrane.

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Product Details

Flush-mounting boxes with ECON® technology permit guaranteed air-tight installation. They offer a variety of options for air-tight conduit and cable entries and can be plastered. The new ECON® Multi-Membrane allows the insertion of several cables without gusset formation or the insertion of conduits up to M25.

  • Air-tight design with ECON® sealing membranes
  • Avoids leaks in exterior facades made from hollow chamber blocks
  • Variable and tool-free cable and conduit entries
  • Torsion-proof, guaranteed standardised combination distance of 71 mm
  • 4 screw domes, 2 expanding claws fields


This Airtight Switch Housing can accommodate for the Lunos 5/Uni FT and All Lunos Switches.

  1. The tool-free cable and conduit entries reduce installation time and make processing easier.
  2. The elastic sealing membrane fits air-tight around the conduit or cable.
  3. Each cable and conduit diameter up to Ø 25 mm can be installed quickly and air-tight.
  4. Vertical draughts occur in hollow chamber blocks. The UP boxes with ECON® technology prevent air exchange.
Tool-free cable and conduit entries in the connector area up to M25 2
Tool-free cable and conduit entries up to 11 mm below the connector 2
Tool-free cable and conduit entries up to M25 around the box 4
Tool-free cable and conduit entries up to 11 mm around the box 4
Device screws 2
Airtight Yes

Depth – 66mm

Width – 60mm