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Partel Products CONEXO TAPE


Airtight and windtight adhesive tape 

This phA certified CONEXO™ tape is completely versatile and adaptable, ensuring the airtight construction in accordance with DIN 4108-11.

Due to the strong acrylic adhesive, it has excellent ageing resistance and adheres perfectly to Partel membranes, timber, masonry, concrete, PVC and metal. 

A+ EC1 PLUS phA Guaranteed Irish

Why Partel CONEXO?

  • High-performance airtight tape
  • Lifetime* design - excellent ageing resistance due to the strong acrylic adhesive
  • Passive House Certified airtight system - phA Class
  • Easy to tear by hand, accelerate the application process
  • Withstands a damp climate
  • Reinforced with elasticity
  • Environmentally friendly - free of solvents and emulsifiers
  • Airtight connections to DIN 4108-11
  • CONEXO SL version has split release backing for quick installation - View product


  • Internal and external use
  • Roof, Wall
  • Joining of membranes, timber, metals
  • Adheres to timber, masonry, concrete, PVC, metal and Partel membranes
  • Dimensions
  • Documents


  • 60mm x 25m (2-3/8” x 82’)