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Zephair pre pro blower door fan

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The Zephair ‘Pre-Pro’ is device used to generate an under-pressurisation level in a building, or part of a building, for the purposes of locating and repairing cracks & gaps in the continuous air tight envelope which as the name suggests is prior to a professional air leakage tester with full equipment visiting your project.

The Zephair Pre-Pro  is built typically into an external window frame and the extra area between the fan housing and the window opening is firmly and neatly sealed with air tight membrane to make a completely air tight installation.

The Zepahir Pro-Pro  frame is secured in place using the locking mechanisms on 3 corners of the mounting housing.  The fan is then plugged in and by operating the step less switch, negative pressure (i.e. air is pulled out through the fan) is generated and depending on how large or leaky the building is until a target pressure differential of for example 50 Pa pressure is achieved.

The pressure differential is clearly displayed on the onboard dial.  If a target pressure differential of 50 Pa can be achieved this confirms that when the professional tester turns up one of the critical milestones for EN13829 has been achieved for the purposes of a full test.

At this type of pressure differential the locating of any problems within the air tight layer should be easily achievable as the air being sucked out through the fan will be replaced via leakage and this leakage will be locally found.
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