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Dolle 76 Certified Airtight Attic Hatch

Dolle Certified Airtight Attic Hatch set

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Dolle ClickFix® 76 attic ladder with 70 mm insulation = U-value 0,49 W/m² C. ClickFix is a complete line of attic ladders based on the unique patented ClickFix® technology. The entire product range is known by the low u-value and the quick and easy installation. The low weight (approx. 25% less than traditional attic ladders) and the Click system make it possible for only 1 person to mount the ClickFix attic ladders.

The insulation and the construction with draft extruder reduce heat loss and the ClickFix 76 is furthermore delivered with platic architraves for extra tightness and nice finish. ClickFIX 76 is delivered with non-slip treads and platic feet for extra security and a wooden push/pull rod for easy operation of the attic ladder.

PRODUCTNAME                                    -Dolle ClickFix 76
FLOORHEIGHT Max.                             -278 cm
NUMBER OF TREADS                          -12
OPENING SIZE                                       -120x60 cm
INSULATION                                           -70 mm
MATERIAL (CASING)                            -Spruce
DEPTH (TREADS)                                 -54 mm
WIDTH (TREADS)                                  -400 mm
RISE (TREADS)                                      -250 cm
MATERIAL (TREADS)                            -Beech
MATERIAL (STRING)                             -Pine
MAX. USERWEIGHT                              -Tested by EN14975 up to 265 kg, work weight 150 kg
U-VALUE                                                  -0,49
TEST IFT                                                   -Rosenheim EN12207 Class 4 @ 600 Pa
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