Universal control for e2, ego and RA 15-60

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Universal control for e2, ego and RA 15-60

The universal control is a multi-functional 12 V control operated via a simple two-pole series switch. Different programs can be selected for each fan type. An overview of the programs and respective modifications is provided on the opposite page. The fan type connected has to be set accordingly.

  • manual control via series switch (3 step)
  • 0-10 V input for connection to the Touch Air Comfort control or remote control
  • Fan type and functions of the devices connected can be set via the code switch (refer to Table)
  • up to ten e2 and five ego or two RA 15-60 can be switched via a control
  • suitable for installation in a deep 60 switchbox or for assembly in a switch cabinet

Power Supply Options
The universal control requires power supply via a power pack.
Two power packs are available for this purpose:

When using the power pack with 18 W, type 5/NT 18, you can connect a maximum of three ego or six e2 (3 pairs) or one RA 15-60 to a universal control. When using the power pack with 60 W, 5/NT 60, you can connect a maximum of five ego or ten e2 (five pairs) or two RA 15-60 to the universal control. With the new ego it is now possible to ventilate classical exhaust air rooms with one unit. The living room areas are fitted with the well-proven e2, as for hybrid ventilation.

  • Power pack 5/NT 18 with 18 W
  • Power pck 5/NT 60 with 60 W
  • Switch 5/W2U for control of up to four ventilation steps and/or setting to summer ventilation
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