Universal Control 5/UNI-FT for the e² family, ego and RA 15-60

The universal control is a multifunctional 12 Volt control operated via a simple two-pole series switch. The fan type connected and the desired function have to be set. Various programs can be selected for each fan type

More Details

By use of the new universal control 5/UNI-FT everything can be controlled automatically. It is equipped with considerably more functions than its predecessor and can also be switched to the humidity control mode. The delay timer is integrated as standard.

Humidity-temperature control, delay timer and interval control

The settings for the various ventilation modes can be made directly on the control via DIP switches. There are various settings for delay time and interval control as well as three ranges of humidity control available for selection.

  • With humidity-temperature sensor and
  • Filter change indicator
  • Three different humidity ranges can be set
  • Manual control via series switch (3 step)
  • 0-10 V input for connection to the
  • Touch Air Comfort control
  • Integrated delay time with interval operation
  • Radio module connectable
  • Fan type and functions of the devices connected can be set via code switch
  • Up to ten e², five ego or two RA 15-60 can be switched via one control
  • Suitable for installation in a deep 60 switchbox and for assembly in a switch cabinet