Lunos fGO

Integrated window frame HRV Lunos f-go is a decentralized ventilation system that can be integrated next to a window with a built-in regenerative heat recovery core.

More Details

The unit consists of two fans, each paired with a ceramic heat exchanger.

The two fans provide balanced continuous ventilation without the need for duct-work and are installed directly next to an opening. The fans flow in opposite directions, and reverse every 70 seconds. The regenerative core is charged when exhausting, and discharged in the supply cycle. The air in the supply cycle absorbs the stored heat on its way in and this results in average 85.8% tested efficiency.


This includes the operating noise of the fan, particularly for residents who value comfort. This is a real strength of the fgo. State of the art EC motors and a sophisticated noise insulation system ensure outstanding noise levels: 26 dB at 3.5 m3/h, 32 dB at 5 m³/h and 36 dB at 15 m³/h

Eco friendly

As a result of the high heat recovery efficiency of over 90 % the fgo saves energy and cuts heating costs. Just what heat recovery efficiency of 90% means can be seen in a simply calculation: When outside air temperature is – 10 °C and room temperature is 20 °C, the temperature of fresh air heated in the fgo fan is 17 °C.

Hazardous substances in the air are reduced via the integrated G3 or pollen filter.


The window fan fgo operates according to the principle of regenerative heat exchange. A complete unit consists of two system parts. One oscillating axial motor and one ceramic heat exchanger respectively are applied per system part. By means of the oscillating air flow, the ceramic collects thermal energy from the extracted room air and passes it on to the outside air supplied. Both system parts of a unit operate on a push-pull basis so that the fgo fan simultaneously generates a flow of supply air and of exhaust air – at an efficiency level as yet unachieved for this design size of more than 90 %. The cycle of reverse flow rate is preset at exactly 50 seconds and operates continuously and constantly at every flow rate.


The remote ventilation system fgo is a home ventilation system with heat recovery which is integrated in a window profile. This means it is a ventilation system which is slender in every sense of the word and which you visibly hardly notice. 2 complete heat exchanger motor units are incorporated in the dimensions of 86 x 92 x 1050 mm.


The complete fgo fan fits into an adapter profile of a window or door. Horizontal or vertical installation is possible.

Technical specifications
  • Heat recovery efficiency  85.68% (Max 96.9%)
  • Delivered volume 3.5/5/15 m3/h
  • Power intake per device 2.2/2,8/3,8 W
  • Specific fan power 0,48 W/m3/h
  • Voltage/frequency 230 V/50 Hz
  • Humidity recovery ca. 20-30 %
  • Noise level 26/33/38 dB
  • Sound level difference up to 32 dB
  • Cross section of unit 86 x 92mm
  • Length of unit 1.5 and 2.5m. Can be shortened to1.05m
  • Size of interior panel  984 x 92mm

    RoHS and WEEE compliant
    Tested according to DIN 308 and DIBT Standard
    EPBD and DIN 1946-6 compliant
    Used in low energy houses
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