LUNOtherm facade element

LUNOtherm facade element ensures that the extract grill disappears from the wall surface.

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The new LUNOtherm facade element ensures that the inflow opening disappears from the wall surface.

By developing the LUNOtherm façade elements, LUNOS has satisfied the wish for inconspicuous façade form.

For the first time, all benefits of air transfer devices, such as high air throughput, no draft, hygiene and sound protection can be realised in connection with an almost invisible outer appearance.

For this purpose, the LUNOtherm is integrated in the insulation layer of the heat composite insulation system as a final element of the ALD. Supply air is then located in the window lintel, the reveal or underneath the window. It can be mounted above, to the side of the window or underneath the window, which also enables combination with a rolling shutter box.

The LUNOtherm is supplied in various insulation thickness and is applied by thebuilder in the same way as an insulation plate of external Insulation. Please request the detailed assembly instructions.

Since theLUNOtherm is mounted in the flashover range, suitability has been tested within the scope of generalconstructional admissibility of DIBt. Therefore, LUNOtherm A may be mounted in non-combustible WDVS pursuant to DIN 4102-A, and LUNOtherm B in flame resistant WDVS pursuant to DIN 4102-B1 up to an insulation thickness of 300 mm.

The LUNOtherm A 60 can also be fitted easily into the masonry for new constructions. The bricks are appropriately recessed.

On account of the very low heat conductivity of the dam core of LUNOtherm of = 0.030 W/mK, the reduction of the heating insulation layer in the area of the ventilation gap is compensated. The temperature difference on the façade is max. 2.5 K.
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