LUNOS AB 30/60

LUNOS AB 30/60 - Extract ventilation

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Cost-efficient home ventilation with the new LUNOS AB 30/60

Hybrid ventilation system with e2 and AB 30/60

The new development by LUNOS for the perfect extension of the e2 series in the classic exhaust ventilation rooms such as bathrooms, WC and kitchens. The appearance of the AB 30/60 is comparable to its “big brother” e2: inside screen with filter and the outer grille are of the same product family and of the same dimensions. Thanks to being of the same structural shape the fans e2 and AB 30/60 are ideally predestined for hybrid ventilation in which costs and energy efficiency are combined in the exhaust technology in the ventilation with heat recovery.

State-of-the-art motor technology

The innovative elec. motor with integrated electronics allow for the direct connection to supply power without requiring additional components. The volume flow can be selected between the two ventilation steps 30 and 60 m3/h and can be switched with a customary 2-rocker switch. Little effort is required to connect the power supply lines directly to the fan. All necessary clamps and a
protective hood are already provided.

Lowest noise levels: Axial fans also offer other features

Axial fans are generally known for their loud sounds. Computeroptimised fan blades in combination with a newly developed flowchannel and plenty of sound insulation material ensure the AB 30/60 emits unexpected low sounds and provides the very best
sound insulation from outside.

Best performance for the environment

At a mere 0.05–0.08 W/m3/h converted power consumption, the AB 30/60 is unbeaten in terms of energy efficiency and thus actively contributes to environment protection and even saves your money.

Technical specifications AB 30/60
Volume flow 30/60 m3/h
Wattage 1,5/4,9 W
Motor Type EC for direct connection to alternating current
Specific power consumption 0,05-0,08 W/m3/h
Supply voltage/frequenz 115-230 V/50-60 Hz
Sound pressure level (distance 1m) 28/45 dB
Standard sound level difference Up to 46 dB
Ø fan insert 98 mm
Ø fan insert incl. sound insulation 155 mm
Min. wall thickness 200 mm
Length supplied (can be shortened) 500 mm
Ø core hole 162 mm
Size of inside screen 180 x 180 mm
Ø outer grill 180 mm or LUNOtherm
Protection Level IPX5
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • EnEV and DIN 1946-6 compliant
  • Can be used in low-energy houses