Demand Controlled Ventilation Pack

A Package including two ALDR 160 passive vents and and one Silvento EC FK Humidity controlled extract fan for 'A smart Demand Controlled Ventilation system with localized Humidity controlled dampness solution.

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Product Description

In this package you will receie the following:

2 x Complete ALDR 160 Units (Including 162mm Sleeve, Internal  and External Grilles (180mm))
1 x Silvento EC
1 x Surface Mounted Housing For Silvento EC
1 x Silvento EC Comfort Board
1 x 5/W2U FK Two Gang Switch for Sivento
1 x External Grillle for Silveno EC (115mm)

With thispack you will succesfully ventilate two living areas (Bedrooms, Dining Room, Living Room) using the ALDR 160 and also have suitable extract for a wet area (KItchen, Utility, Bathroom)

The Silvento EC

LUNOS has a new generation of the Silvento model: the Silvento ec. This model requires less energy, since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of ec engineering. It is quieter than its predecessor, since it operates far more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows. The lowest ventilation level is about 15 m³/h.

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ALDR 160

The new ALD-R 160 with weather protection grille, for new or existing buildings

Since its development in 2002, the ALD-R 160 has become one of the top selling air transfer devices in the LUNOS range. Its versatility has been demonstrated by the wide spectrum of applications for which it has been used. It is used in combination with the 9/MRD installation block in new buildings, for example, as well as in many types of restoration projects where a core hole is drilled through the wall. It can also be combined with the LUNOtherm fa├žade element.

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System Operation

The operating principle of this system is efficient, simple and smart. It operates by usig the Silvento EC to depressurise the building. This is done so by using a comfort board wjich is  humidity sensitive. By the use of this sensor the fan will vary its flow rate depending on the level of moisture in the air. Along with the senso there is a switch which will give the user the option of boosting the extract level if needs be.

As the Silvento EC depressurises the building there will then be a need for an air supply, this air supply is achieved throught the ALDR 160 units. With the ALDR 160 there are no electrical or mechanical components, the flow rate is varied depending on what level of extraction is taking place. There is also a disc which can be removed to vary the diameter of the unit, thus reducing or increasing the flow rate.

Overall this system will provide a sufficient system to ensure that the high moisture coontent air is being extracted while there is a nautual fresh air being supplied to the living areas of the building.

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