Exoperm Wall WRB

3 –Ply sarking, roof lining and wall membranes with next generation monolithic TPE functional layer.

TPE layer actively moves moisture to outside. Excellent ageing resistance due to monolithic technology. Integrated tapes in connect versions ensure optimum windtightness.

Available to order as 

1.5m X 50m =75m2  59-1/16” X 164’-1/2” = 807 SF
3.0m X 50m =150m2 9’ 10-1/3”” X 164’-1/2” = 1615 SF

More Details

  • Elastic and Durable
  • Monolithic technology
  • Ideal airtightness and vapour transmission
  • Good UV stability
  • Long term resistance to driving rain
  • Wind proof but diffusion open
  • Available with integrated tapes on both sides See ‘Connect’ version
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