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Brick rehabilitation system

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Owners of historical brick buildings, curators of monuments and masons in the entire world have to decide on how to restore historical buildings in the correct way. With the brick rehabilitation system, epasit developed an effective solution, in which components work perfectly together.

Numerous brick facades and vaults are restored with the epasit ZRS system. After a mechanical surface cleaning, masons firstly treat the bricks with a hardener. Larger fragments are replaced with a brick rehabilitation mortar, which is individually mixed in the original shade. After a thorough cleaning, undermined joints are pointed with coloured rehabilitation pointing mortar. The final waterproofing durably protects the facade from rain and environmental influences.

Advantages of the brick rehabilitation system
  • After many years of practical experience and experience in laboratories an effective, user-friendly system for restoring brick and clinker masonry without any problems, emerged.
With the brick rehabilitation system you save time and money. The existing bricks are stabilized and missing substance is replaced. This procedure is cheaper and less time-consuming than the replacement with new bricks*. Moreover, the entire line is optically enhanced.

Brick rehabilitation mortar is available in the three standard colours orange, red and wine. Individual colouring is possible without any problems. Our rehabilitation pointing mortar epasit fsm, developed especially for the requests of joints of listed historical buildings, is also coloured according to customer's requests. of the brick rehabilitation system
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