Vara Plus - Smart Vapour Control Layer

Best Sd value range humidity variable vapour check on the market, suitable for all insulation types.

Variable range (Sd 0.4-30/ PERM 0.12-8.37) ensures optimum summer drying conditions and winter protection.

Optimal air tightness and water vapour transmission rate in different climate conditions.

Available to order as:

1.5m X 50m =75m2

More Details

  • Elastic and Durable
  • Reinforced for optimum strength
  • High performance airtightness and vapour transmission in various types of climate
  • Best SD value range on the market
  • Durable towards UV and humidity ageing
  • Resistance to penetration of air 0.0 m3/(m2 h 50Pa)
  • Extremely safe system
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Energy-efficient solution
  • Increased durability of buildings
  • Reduced heating/cooling costs
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