Izoperm plus | High performance Airtight Layer

Designed to be compatible with all conventional building systems and all insulations.

Extremely strong and functional performance vapour control layer.

Optimum Sd 5/ PERM 0.69) ensures optimum compatibility for most constructions

Available to order as

1.5m X 50m =75m2 59-1/16” X 164’-1/2” = 807 SF 
3.0m X 50m =150m2 9’ 10-1/3”” X 164’-1/2” = 1615 SF
0.75m X 50m =37.5m2 29-17/32” X 164’-1/2” = 403 SF 

More Details

  • Elastic and Durable
  • Reinforced for optimum strength
  • High performance airtightness
  • Optimum Sd value for most constructions
  • Durable towards UV and humidity ageing
  • Resistance to penetration of air 0.0 m3/(m2 h 50Pa)
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