BPI Series | Episode 4 – Super-insulated PH Airtight Homes, TF Construction

BPI Series | Episode 4 – Super-insulated PH Airtight Homes, TF Construction

The fourth episode of the BPI Series, hosted by Passive House Accelerator, focuses on super-insulated airtight timber frame construction to accelerate the strategic design and development of Passive House projects. Expertise, fast building techniques, along with high-quality and energy saving materials are required in assuring high performance. To illustrate this point, we visited the construction site of a new build Passive House in the UK. Adrian Williamson – Director and Chartered Architectural Technologist at WM Design & Architecture exemplify how the adoption of the intelligent strategic design of timber frame construction can maximise energy savings through its structural components, while meeting current building standards. Lee Broomhall – Sales Manager at MBC Timber Frame talks about the PH standards, using passive timber frame wall and foundation systems, advanced manufacturing techniques that create a continuously insulated thermal envelope, resulting in superior airtightness, cold bridge-free house. Adoption of the latest technologies and modern timber frame construction methods can help achieve significant energy savings, up to 90%, and deliver extremely low U-Value, by integrating best practices manufacturing processes.

The Building Performance Interactive (BPI) – Design it. Shape it. Build it. provides a series of interactive seminars, focused on collaboration, and the elevation of high-performance building as its guiding principles. The case studies will draw from projects in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, and discusses building performance, design solutions, sustainable building materials, and experiences relevant for being implemented on a global scale.