Methods and Applications to Improve Air & Windtightness, Thermal Bridging

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The cornerstone of any low energy build is making sure you get the airtightness right!

This presentation focuses on the importance of airtightness and windtightness in both new and retrofit building design. It is led by one of our Certified Passive House Designers and among other things, it discusses the value behind making the right design choices to begin, choosing the correct products for the project brief as well as then crucially the correct installation and application on-site.

Duration: 1 Hr duration with time for Q&A | Free to Attend

Learning objectives:

Airtightness and its execution on site

  • Introduction to Airtightness
  • Condensation dangers and their impacts
  • Ventilation considerations
  • Intelligent moisture management
  • Material specifications for specific Airtightness applications
  • Types of Airtight barriers advantages and disadvantages

Windtightness and its execution on site

  • Introduction to Windtightness
  • Condensation dangers and their impacts
  • Material specifications for specific Windtightness applications
  • Types of Windtight barriers advantages and disadvantages

Sustainable Structural Insulation Solutions for reducing thermal bridges 

Presented by:

Hugh Whiriskey – Founder and Director, Partel | Dara McGowan – Director, Partel UK

2022 Programme:

The day dedicated to our Airtightness on-demand CPD is Wednesday November 16. This online Seminar is an open CPD with attendees joining from varied companies. If you have a number of colleagues interested to attend and a more particular approach would be preferable, we also provide a dedicated CPD webinar for your needs, which can be requested by sending an email to [email protected] or filling out the form below.  

Hour: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (BST)

Certificate of Completion

Certification: Every person that attends this Seminar offered by Partel, will receive a certificate of attendance & completion, available upon request.

Product Sample Pack

*Each participant has the option to receive a Product Sample Pack with Partel’s most popular building components discussed in this seminar. To register your interest, please access the Request Sample Pack form.