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Partel launches ACRAPRIME™ SPRAY – Higher adhesion on porous surfaces

Partel introduces ACRAPRIME SPRAY, a versatile sprayable primer to assist in pre-treatment of porous surfaces, which provide professional users a faster and easier work within the low-energy building industry.

Save Time and Improve Productivity when Building Tight

Thanks to the spray can application and the adjustable nozzle, ACRAPRIME™ SPRAY accelerates the process and it is faster than with a brush. Keeping comfort in mind, this simplified method makes overhead and vertical work easier. Featuring a smart nozzle with 3-position: Low, Medium, High, now it is possible to regulate the spray volume for specific application needs, making sure you will achieve the best performance and keep your project on time.

Increased Adhesion for Better Results

Engineered for quality fixings, ACRAPRIME™ SPRAY creates a stronger adhesion on porous surfaces for adhesive tapes, on a very broad range of different substrates such as concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, fibre board, and other building materials.

It has an aggressive tack that offers a high initial tack, suitable for use in difficult conditions – cold and damp. Permanently tacky, this sprayable primer is suitable for optimum bonding of Partel tape products (VARA SEAL, CONEXO, CONIZO, CONLEX BUTYL) to any porous building material helping to obtain a highly durable airtight seal.

Low-odour, and very low-emission formulation (EC1PLUS)

Of particular significance is the low-odour, and very low-emission formulation, which assists with a more comfortable and healthier built environment, a critical feature for manufacturers of high-end materials.

For more information on our sprayable primer, please visit Partel ACRAPRIME™ SPRAY




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