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Lunos low energy ventilation units pick up awards

Innovative ventilation supplier Lunos has picked up awards for its decentralised heat recovery ventilation and demand-controlled ventilation systems.

The company won Plus X Awards for its e²neo and Nexxt decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems, and for its Silvento EC demand-controlled ventilation systems.According to Lunos: “Not only is the e²neo one of the very few ventilation units achieving the energy efficiency class A+, but now it is also winner of the Plus X Awards in the categories high quality, design, functionality and ecology.” Meanwhile the Lunos Nexxt fan and Silvento ec DCMEV system both won best product of 2016/2017 at the awards, which the organisers claim are the world’s largest innovation awards for technology, sports and lifestyle.

“The new e2neo with heat recovery is even quieter and has improved levels of efficiency,” the company said. Lunos developed the e2neo based on the well-established e2 system. The company said the new system functions silently at rates of 5 m3/h, facilitated via a newly developed motor. “In addition to a considerably reduced operating noise level [the new motor] also enables more precise regulation.” This means it is not only quieter than the lower-priced e2, but also more efficient. The company added that the familiar, reliable effectiveness of the e2 is still available, but that the e2neo can operate at 0.3w – making it one of the most cost-effective ventilation units worldwide.

A new generation within the Silvento DCMEV range, Lunos said the Silvento ec requires less energy, since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of ec engineering. It is quieter than its predecessor, since it operates far more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows. The lowest ventilation level is 15 m³/h.

Two different technical modules are available to control the Silvento ec: a basic module and humidity module. With the basic module, all stages of the Silvento ec can be selected and combined with time lag, interval switching and delay time. With the humidity module, the system gains additional humidity and temperature sensors. “There has never been a more sophisticated, individual humidity control,” said the company. The Silvento can operate at 1.8w making it one the most costeffective ventilation units worldwide.

The new Silvento ec is 100% compatible with all Lunos parts, to ensure that all devices can, if required, be swiftly and easily replaced with new devices.



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