Lansdowne Place Development, Dublin

Project Description

Lansdowne Place is a luxury residential development located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. When fully complete, Lansdowne Place will have a total of 215 apartments, including 24 penthouses. Exceptional features include superb location, extraordinary design, exceptionally high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship.

The Challenge in Work

Partel is engaged and involved with the project to plan and develop the airtightness strategy for apartments. We also consulted on the flat roof build-ups and were able to provide a safe and effective solution by using a high-performance system, to manage airtightness and vapour.

The project team installed our integrated and trusted product system including the smart VARA PLUS membrane, IZOPERM PLUS membrane, CONEXO, CONIZO, and CONLEX Butyl airtight tapes.


The requirements for airtightness and insulation changed during the project which led to challenges for vapour control. We carried out hygrothermal analysis using WUFI to determine the suitability of the penthouse flat roofs using VARA PLUS. The nature of the structure in some areas with structural beams, columns, and connections made the installation more challenging for installers – Castle Group – but through a patient and detailed installation, results are in the zone of 1 ach @ 50pa.

Designed to be compatible with all conventional building systems, the smart vapour control membrane VARA PLUS, together with IZOPERM PLUS membrane and Partel tapes ensures maximum protection against humidity, improves the energy efficiency of the buildings and the comfort of their occupants.



Project Details

Project Type: Low-Energy Residential Development
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Building: Apartments
Architect: O’Mahony Pike
Main Contractor: J.J. Rhatigan & Co.
Installer: Castle Group
Completion: In progress




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