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Attend Partel’s Live Demonstration at the AECB Conference 2022

The AECB Annual Conference 2022, is being held at the Shell Store & NMITE (Skylon Park) on Friday 30th September. ‘Building for a Future’ focuses on practical solutions to decarbonising buildings, with a particular emphasis on approaches which offer most potential to deliver low energy, healthy buildings at scale while minimising the use of precious resources and impact on the environment.

At this year’s conference, Partel are sponsoring the ‘AECB EnerPHit and new build extension assembly’. Partel will be providing a live demonstration to highlight this resource-efficient approach to external wall insulation for retrofitting buildings, that takes a non-proprietary ‘conventional’ carpentry approach using commonly available environmental conscious materials and products. Achievable by people with non-specialist building skills the timber I-beam framework allows options to incorporate a variety of low carbon insulation materials, air and windtight systems, and cladding finishes.

The method was recently applied to a 1940’s 2-storey house aiming for the EnerPHit standard and again for a recent bungalow retrofit designed to achieve the AECB Retrofit Standard. Read more about the Chestnuts EnerPhit Project.

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